Project Coordinator
Institut Saumurois de la Communication (France).

6 partners

ARID (Poland) :
University of Forestry (Bulgaria):
CCOV (Czech Republic) :
MEIA (Italy) :
DPG (Spain) :
ISC (France) (coordinator) :

Duration of the project
From November 2021 to November 2023

The context

To improve the skills, knowledge, abilities and qualifications of small and medium farmers in the field of IFES, which can lead to a positive approach to smart farming. The existing educational materials for farmers are mainly focused on the separate areas of bio-food production or alternative/renewable energy.
In addition, these materials/events/learning courses are very general and based on sophisticated technologies, which are not always suitable for people from a farming background.

Develop a comprehensive curriculum and complex problem-oriented learning materials for IFES with special attention to the climate-smart approach.

More information :

Web site of the project:

SOLAR – NEWSLETTER 1 in english

SOLAR – NEWSLETTER 2 in english
SOLAR – NEWSLETTER 2 en français

The kickoff meeting took place in Saumur, France on December 22, 2021.