Boosting awareness to reduce food waste via developing educators’ competences

Project coordinator

Miriam Žitňákov – Zuzana Palkova – Viktor Palko –
New Edu Organisation – Slovakia

Duration of the project
The project started in January 2022 and will end in january 2024.

5 partners

skutocné zdrava (slovakia)
ARID (Poland)
ISC (France)

Objectives of the project

– To promote resource efficiency at all stages of the food chain, from the farm to consumption by households and restaurants.
– Promote and foster long-term behavioural change to better understand food loss and waste.
– Promote the replicability of prevention strategies, best practices and solutions through a multimedia book containing recipes based on the efficient use of food with minimal loss and waste.
– Facilitate the transfer of new and innovative solutions to the general public by creating a tailor-made
sustainable development programme to the general public.
– Disseminate the intellectual results of the project to different stakeholders (farmers, producers, /retailers, consumers, smart cities, policy makers, research community, etc.)

The Last meeting was In Italy (Bovino – September 2022).

The next meeting will take place in France from 28 to 30 November 2022.