Building a learning culture for the digital world.

Project coordinator
Université de Aydin (Turquie)
Prof. dr Murat YILMAZ (Turkey)

August 2021
Launch of the project in Didim (Turkey)
The project will last two years.

6 partners

Aydin Efeler Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Turkey)


Experimental Lyceum of Agioi Anargyroi (Greece)
Euro Cultura (Italy)
ISC (France)

The context of the project

The Internet affects all areas, including educational processes, while enriching teaching processes. The Internet offers teachers and students unlimited social, cultural, and personal opportunities. However, the effectiveness of the Internet in the teaching process depends on students’ information literacy skills and their ability to use the Internet effectively.
Today, there are all kinds of information resources in the Internet environment, and the following skills are essential :
-Know the types of sources,
-Evaluate the means of accessing information,
-Analyze the need for information,
-Reorganize information.
In the digital world, this ability is the foundation of the lifelong learning process. Some young students, who only use the digital world to chat, communicate socially, and listen to music, proved once again through their performance in preparing for assignments and exams during the pandemic in 2019-2021 that they lack digital information literacy.

The project

Creation of education modules and curriculum.
To develop our curriculum, the partnership will conduct a survey based on a sample of 50 teachers and 100 secondary school students (per partner country).

The process

It is based on :
-The knowledge and skills that the target groups are expected to acquire,
-The learning standards and expected learning objectives,
-The units and lessons taught by the teachers,
-The assignments and projects expected of the students,
-Books, materials, videos, presentations, readings used in class,
-Tests, assessments and other common methods of evaluating students and outcomes. 


All the results will be compiled to prepare an educational module and curriculum that we will put online.